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Harley | ♀ | 19 | London.
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Game of Thrones. Harry Potter. Pokémon. Fallout. Elder Scrolls. Oldboy. Heavy Rain. Higurashi. Anime. Gaming. Criminology. Psychology. Anatomy. Redheads. Ferrets.

RPG: fire mage healer & diplomat.


Eowyn Gown




Normalmap was not rendering correctly due the bug of 3dmax after exporting, some values must be changed in nifskope and that was the reason of the shine #meh

More like Eowyn style? at least I though about her when I put together these pieces…


I think I´m done with it, let´s move to the next one i have in mid a mix for Lagertha armor (^_^)

Was this ever released? :c

Ditto. This looks amazing

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